Bendy Rollers: Do They Really Work?

bendy rollers

Bendy rollers are an affordable way to curl your hair without using heat. But do they really work? 

The short answer is YES, bendy rollers work by leaving them in your hair overnight.

How do they work?

You simply curl your hair up with the rollers and use some setting lotion to hold it in place. In the morning you take out the rollers and your hair will have beautiful bouncy curls or waves. Easy right? Well, there are a few ways to make sure you get the right effect but generally speaking it is that easy.

What’s more, bendy rollers won’t damage your hair like heated rollers or curling irons will! So they’re ideal for those with easily damaged hair or anyone wishing to avoid using too much heat on their precious locks.

Which bendy rollers should I buy?


The best all-rounder set with a variety of sizes and a good case (and unbelievably cheap) is this Denman Rollers set. They come in 4 different sizes.

Other leave-in overnight rollers that work

The Aurora Band Night Roller, Original as Seen on Dragons Den

Sleep-In Rollers Mega Bounce Rollers X 20 Plus Drawstring Bag

GlamWaves Large Roller Head Band for Medium to Long Length Hair

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