The Best Heated Rollers For Your Hair 2016

 Quick pick  Top 3 best rollers to buy now

Best heated rollers for short hair & best for fine hair1. BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers

The new and updated BaByliss kit is the best all-rounder roller set. Excellent value with a variety of roller sizes and a variable heat setting. This is the most popular rollers set on Amazon and you can see why. It’s excellent value, works for most hair types, and with a bit of practice you can achieve any style you want. Check price on Amazon

Best heated rollers for long hair2. Remington Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers

Remington’s Jumbo rollers are made for chic waves and big volume in long hair. The bigger curler sizes makes them ideal for big, bold  voluminous hairstyles. Check price on Amazon

3. Cloud Nine The O Pod

The O Pod is pretty much the best quality at-home heated roller kit, which is why it’s a little more pricey. But in our opinion it’s well worth that extra money, since it really does give salon-quality, stunning, professional results and can be used for different hair types and styles. Also great for fair and fragile hair. Plus, it’s easy to use, efficient and energy saving.
Check price on Amazon

Heated Rollers vs Other Hair Curling Tools

Babyliss Curl Secret – Better Than Heated Rollers?

There are a range of hair curling and volumizing tools available.

You could use a Hot Air Brush, Babyliss Curl Secret or Sleep-In Rollers. All of these are a little bit easier to use at first.

I think you’ll soon realise that heated rollers give you more control over your hair in terms of styling and simply create better looking results.

Heated rollers are what professional hairstylists use on supermodels and actresses. That’s because they really are better at creating volume that lasts longer and looks more natural.

For a long time I assumed that heated rollers were for professionals only, but newer models of rollers are so easy to use if you follow some basic instructions that it can make other tools a bit redundant. Ok, so you may not have time for rollers everyday, and it’s probably worth having other hair tools for emergencies. My advice is to buy heated rollers first.

Finding the right hot rollers for you

Doing your own curls also allows you to find the best heated roller set for your own style and hair type. This way you can have complete control over your style and won’t have to worry about damaging your hair or ending up with a bad hair day from the salon.

Avoid damaging fine or fragile hair by choosing lightweight rollers with lower heat settings.Fine and thin hair

Beware of heat! You can get great results with heated rollers and fine or thin hair. But you must be careful! Thin and fine hair is more easily damaged by heat and heated rollers can get pretty darn hot. Some roller sets have adjustable temperatures or simply require less heat to work, so they are better suited to those with easily damaged hair.

I also recommend you check out this great blog about curling fine hair to see what’s possible.

best heated rollersThick hair

Thick hair can handle heat a bit better than thin hair, but that doesn’t mean you should just wack up the temperature and expect great curls. Bad quality rollers will still damage thick hair. Rollers work better if they retain heat while they’re in your hair, so as to give it lasting shape and volume.

It’s also worth looking at the design of the rollers. Depending on what style you are after you may want rollers that clasp your hair or smooth clips that can give a sleeker finish.

How did we choose the best heated rollers for this guide?

The rollers we’ve picked out are designed for ease and simplicity, whilst providing high quality results. But they are also excellent value for money. We don’t recommend the cheapest kits on the market because you can get high quality rollers for as little as £25. Just think how much you could save on hairdresser trips.

The best heated rollers reviews 2016

 Best for long hair and big waves 

Remington Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers

Best heated rollers for long hair

Roller sizes: 4 super-jumbo (43mm) and 8 jumbo (38mm)
Material: Ceramic

Price: Check prices on Amazon + get free UK postage

Remington Jumbo Curls are the best heated rollers for long hair if you want chic waves and volume. Subtle waves are the big trend in 2016 with the linkes of Jennifer Anniston and Kate Middleton showing us how it’s done. This set is great for getting glamorous yet chic results without going to the salon, and it’s great value too.Jennifer-Aniston-Medium-Hairstyle-Curls-for-Party

The 12 ceramic rollers come with pro-ionic conditioning to keep your curls smooth and frizz-free. The jumbo size of the rollers makes them perfect for wrapping Rapunzel-length hair around without running out of room.

The Remington rollers utilise easy grip technology, and contain 12 colour-coded pins and 12 colour-coded clips to keep the rollers in place. Because long-haired ladies can take quite some time to wrap a section of hair around a roller, they often end up with burned fingers and hands- well, not with these rollers, which come with cool-touch ends to ensure that your fingers stay burn-free. They only take 10 minutes to heat up (perfect for when you’re late meeting your friends for drinks!), and are perfect for creating wavy curls for your long tresses, just like Hollywood Princess, Jennifer Aniston.


  • Cool tips on the rollers prevents burning your fingers
  • The ceramic coating creates smooth curls with less frizz
  • Heat retaining wax core means that curls set quicker and last longer


  • These rollers are pretty big (38-43mm) so won’t work with shorter hair
  • These won’t create tight curls. These are more for big bouncy curls or waves.
  • No indicator light telling you when they are heated properly

 Best all-rounder rollers 

BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers

Best heated rollers for short hair & best for fine hair

Roller sizes: Various (8 large, 6 medium and 6 small)
Material: Ceramic
Price: Check price on Amazon & get FREE UK postage

Highly popular and highly regarded by home hair rollers everywhere (check out the Amazon reviews if you don’t believe me), this roller set is great for short hair but also works with pretty much any hair type.

This compact set comes with 20 rollers and pins in 3 different sizes. This variety of sizes means you have a choice as to how tight or loose you want your curls to be which is good for experimenting. It also means they can be used for a variety of hair lengths from short to medium and even long hair. For shorter hair styles, the small and medium rollers are perfect.emmastone

They also heat up to a high temperature, which means you can create long lasting, tight curls or more subtle waves in shorter hair.

However, for those with fine hair who don’t want to damage it with too much heat these rollers have a secret weapon. There is a lower heat setting which makes them great for styling fine hair. The lightweight rollers are also better than heavier ones for curling fine hair so the BaByliss Thermo-Ceramics set gets our double seal of approval for being the best heated rollers for fine hair and short hair.

Find out more about the best heated rollers for fine hair


  • Fast heating – have your hair done in ten minutes!
  • Lightweight rollers are designed to hold hair tightly
  • Great for tight curls
  • Won’t fall out easily
  • Two heat settings available


  • Can become very hot on the high setting
  • This can damage hair and not recommended for fine hair
  • Also at risk of burning fingers

 Best professional rollers  

Remington Silk Rollers

Best heated rollers for thick hair

Number of rollers: 20 
Roller sizes:
 8 medium, 12 large
Material: Ceramic
Price: Check price on Amazon & get free UK Postage

Thick hair can be difficult to tame so we’re recommending a more expensive roller set for those of you want to take it to the next level. The Remington Silk Rollers are double heated, meaning that both roller and clip are heated up giving them extra styling power. The fully ceramic pin and roller set is designed to give smooth, silky results without any tangles or snags. This means they are the best heated rollers for controlling frizz too.zooey

The smaller rollers (25 mm) are suitable for shoulder length hair too.


  • Heat up time of 90 seconds
  • Lots of rollers for full curls in thick hair
  • Dual heating clip and roller


  • These get very hot very fast, so even the cool touch ends can get hot
  • Smooth clip design doesn’t hold hair tight as some others


Hopefully this guide has provided you with enough information to find the best heated rollers to suit your hair type. I’d love to know how you get on with your new rollers so do leave a comment below if you found the right set or if you have any questions 🙂

Buying tips & useful info

Here are the key things to think about before you buy heated rollers.

 Roller size:  Big volume means big rollers. Shorter hairstyles, or tighter curls, require smaller sizes.

 Roller weight:  Often overlooked. Heavy rollers can be good for shape and retaining heat, but also may fall out of very straight hair. Light rollers are kinder to your hair but not as good at retaining heat and giving fuller curls.

 Temperature:  These are hot rollers, right? They should be hot? Well, there’s hot and then there’s HOT. be careful if you have sensitive hair to find rollers that have a heat setting.

 Materials:  Take a closer look at the rollers before you buy them. There are a variety of designs and materials each with their own benefits. Also consider how well the material can retain heat, if you need a super-powerful roller, then this is a key factor in getting those BIG curls.



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