5 Best Hot Air Brushes For Beautiful Hair

You know when you’re hair stylist brushes your hair while using the hairdryer? Well, that’s what gives it that extra shape and smoothness just after you have it cut or styled. Hot air brushes are a cool new invention that give you that salon-quality look without having to go to the salon.

Depending on how you use it, a hot air brush can give your hair volume, make it straighter, smoother or give it that extra bounce, so it can be a versatile tool to own. Mine has basically replaced my hairbrush entirely. It saves me time because it makes my hair look silky smooth in minutes. It’s even replaced my heated rollers on occasion because it can give you bouncy waves just like rollers do.

But, be warned! Hot air brushes can cause serious hair-envy. Your friends and colleagues will begin to hate you for having such stunning hair every single day. When this happens, just send them to myhairstylist.co.uk to choose their own hot air brush from our guide below…

What are hot air brushes?

best hot air brush and hot air styler

Hot air brushes are like a hairdresser in the palm of your hand. They’re designed to act like a hair dryer and a brush – the same way your hairdresser does it – and give you that extra volume and definition that you usually only get after an expensive salon trip.

That’s the idea at least – but do they actually work? Well, yeah! If you use them properly and get a good quality set that suits your needs then they’re pretty much amazing…

Top 5 best hot air brushes


Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Blow Dry Styler

Super versatile frizz fighter

Price: £££

Brush size: 20 mm and 38 mm both included

Also includes: Straightner attachment and air flow nozzle

Heat setting: 2 heat & 2 speed settings

Material: Ceramic

Recommended for: Smooth, frizz-free waves or silky straightening

The Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Styler set is the most jam-packed styler kit we’ve come across. It has four attachments, 2 heat settings, 2 speed settings. All of this in one kit makes it super versatile and ideal for those wanting to experiment with different styles or who just want to have different options available to them.

The ceramic material also uses ionic technology to eliminate frizz (just like the Infra Radiance model above, but for around half the price). This makes it a great option for those with unruly hair seeking smoother results.

At 38 mm it’s also fairly big so great for adding serious volume.

Check price on Amazon


Sassoon Tangle-Free Hot Air Styler

Best budget all-rounder

Price: £££

Brush size: Two brush heads: 19 mm for shorter hair and 25 mm for medium hair

Heat setting: 2 heat and 2 speed settings 

Brush material: Not ceramic

Best for: Medium and short hair

The Sassoon Tangle-Free is a great budget option for short and medium hair. It has two heads and variable speed and heat settings making it very versatile. The curl release switch is designed to avoid tangles and easily create curls and flicks.

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best hot air brush and best hot air styler

BaByliss Big Hair Rotating Styler

Best brush for maximum volume

Price: £££

Brush size: 42 mm (50 mm also available for even more volume)

Heat setting: 2 heat settings and also a cool setting

Material: Ceramic barrel with soft brush bristles

Recommended for: Big hair and maximum volume – and it works well for both short and long styles

This really is one of the best hot air brush models on the market for getting high-quality results. The design is really for getting volume and taming big and long hair styles, but it’s not so big as to mean you can’t use it in shorter hair. There’s an even bigger model (it really is huge) that has a 50 mm brush size if you have long hair.

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Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance Hot Air Styler

Best hi-tech styler that’s kind to hair

Price: £££

Brush size: 38 mm

Heat setting: 3 settings: hot & fast, warm and slow, cool and fast

Material: Tourmaline ceramic

Recommended for: Smooth, frizz-free waves or silky straightening

The Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance Styler is great for those with unruly hair, whether it’s frizzy, too straight, fine or fragile. The heat technology means that the styler applies an even heat, while the tourmaline ceramic material used gives a smooth finish and eliminates frizz. You’ll be pretty amazed at the results and won’t have to go to a salon ever again.

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How to use your hot air brush

  • Plug in your brush and wait for it to warm up
  • Once it’s warm enough start brush your hair
  • Start at the top of your hair and brush downwards
  • As you reach the middle wrap it around your hair and slowly brush through to create curls or volume
  • You can create curled tips by curling away from your head, while volume can be achieved by curling towards your head higher up.
  • Brush slowly to allow the heat to give your hair more definition
  • Tip: Experiment with different directions, speeds and heats in order to find your own style and results. Anything is possible!

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