Heat Brush Reviews – Can I Say Goodbye To My Straighteners?


 Quick pick  Top 5 best heat brushes to buy now

1. AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush

Price £££

With top reviews, AsaVea seem to be owning the heat brush market currently. This is one of their most popular products, available in a number of colours. It utilises MCH technology and has auto-shut-off and auto-heat-lock features for safety.

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2.BaByliss Diamond Heated Smoothing and Straightening Brush

Price £££

With super ionic technology and a unique 3D straightening system, this product looks to be another great addition to BaByliss’s line up of can’t-live-without hair-care tools. Diamond-ceramic fins work through even thick, coarse hair to smooth and straighten simply and quickly. A heat-protective glove, a heat mat and a storage bag are included. A slightly pricier product but it has great reviews.

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3.BearMoo Ionic Heated Straightener Brush

Price £££

Also receiving very favourable reviews is this slightly cheaper product from BearMoo. Using MCH technology, this heat brush heats up very quickly and has ten different heat settings making it a great choice no matter whether your hair is thin and wispy or thick and coarse.

Also using ionic technology, this is a product aiming to give you shiny locks with ease.

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4. MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

Price £££

A good value product that gets great reviews. Using MCH technology and with 5 heat settings, this brush heats quickly and has enough flexibility for most for a more reasonable cost. A good gift idea too, as it comes with a heat resistant glove and an attractive bag to keep it in.

High density, nanometer comb teeth along with two Anion sprays to disperse ions into the hair whilst it’s in use should give lovely sleek, straight hair with ease.

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5. Marsboy S102 Heated Hair Straightener Brush

Price £££

With PTC technology this brush heats up to the right temperature within 30 seconds. Ceramic Tourmaline and Anionic technology should leave your hair looking and feeling silky and straight. Another brush selling for a reasonable price with great reviews.

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Sleek, straight hair. So many of us want it, and we’re always excited by a new product that promises to let us have it without damaging our hair. One of the newer tools on the market is the heat brush. But what are heat brushes, and should you get one? This article with its heat brush reviews should hopefully help you decide.

What is a heat brush?

Heat brushes look just like a normal hair brush, but they offer far more! Before flat irons came along, people wanting straighter hair would have to struggle with a hairdryer in one hand and a brush or comb in the other. As anyone who’s tried to do this will tell you, it’s pretty difficult. Hair stylists make it look easy, but it’s very tricky to manage this with your own hair.

Then hair straightening irons were created and people went mad for them. They’re as popular as ever, but they do have some negatives. One of the biggest negatives is the potential damage they do to hair. They also take some time and skill to get the best result.

This is where the heat brush comes in. Heat brushes are used in exactly the same way as a normal hair brush, but they heat up to provide extra styling power. The heat, with the action of brushing through your hair, along with features like ionic technology, mean that these products are a world away from a hairdryer in one hand and a brush in the other.


How do heat brushes compare to straighteners?

Straighteners have been the go-to choice for those wanting sleek, straight hair for a long time now. There are hundreds of options available with very differing results.

It’s fair to say that if you want really poker-straight hair then an excellent set of hair straighteners are going to be hard to beat. However, even the best straighteners can do some real damage to hair, especially if it’s fine or dry hair.

Straighteners clamp hair firmly between two very hot plates and are then pulled through the hair. This can cause strain and breakage to hair, and the direct heat can easily frizz hair that isn’t in the best condition. This is especially true if you use your straighteners regularly and without any heat protection product.

Heat brushes, when used carefully, should be gentler on hair and, depending on your chosen style, may make it easier to achieve.


What types of heat brushes are included in these heat brush reviews?

Heat brushes use two main types of heat technology: PTC and MCH. Opinions differ on which is the best type. Without going into complicated detail, PTC brushes use a electronic chip that heats up to a certain temperature and no further. This means that PTC brushes limit the risk of singeing or burning hair, which makes them a popular choice for people who are concerned about this. This might include parents who buy them for their teenage daughters to use, or those who have more limited mobility or other similar difficulties.

MCH brushes don’t have this heat limitation, but they can therefore be used across a wider range of heat levels. This makes them more flexible and possibly appealing to a wider audience of people with thicker or coarser hair. They are also much quicker to heat up than PTC brushes and they are therefore often the top choice for professionals.


How good are heat brushes?

Here’s Fearne Cotton giving you her thoughts on one of the popular products:


How should I use my heat brush?

Firstly, you should be using your heat brush on dry hair. Unlike a hot air brush that blows air, this type of brush will not dry your hair. A rough dry will be enough as all the smoothing will be done by the brush!

Secondly, it’s recommended that you use a heat protection product, especially if your hair is fine or easily damaged.

Run a regular brush through your hair to remove any tangles. The heat brush is not designed to get tangles out, just to straighten hair, so this is an advised step.

Next, section off your hair with clips or ties. This isn’t an essential step, as smoothing your hair with a heat brush is a lot easier than using straighteners where you need to ensure that the hair is flat between the plates before you start to pull them through. You will probably get a better finish if you section off your hair, though.

Run the brush through each section of your hair, working your way around, until you’ve done all of it. This shouldn’t take too long at all. Finally, run the brush over your hair again to smooth everything down.

Lastly, you can use a serum or other sort of shine/smoothing product to get the best result. Your hair will probably not be as poker-straight as you would achieve with straightening irons but you will have more of a “blow-dried” look without the flat look that straighteners can give, which some people will much prefer. It’s also more difficult to get a heat brush right up close to the roots of your hair, which will again lead to a less “flattened” look.

What should I look for when choosing a heat brush?

  • The right type of heating technology for you – either MCH or PTC;
  • Enough different heat settings to suit your hair type;
  • Ceramic-coated nibs to glide effortlessly through hair with no pulling;
  • Seamless nibs, which are part of the main head of the brush rather than separate parts which can break or fall off;
  • Fast heat-up time;
  • Cool-tip nibs which will be more comfortable to use against your scalp;
  • Ionic technology if you think your hair needs some extra shine!


So hopefully this set of heat brush reviews and information has helped you to decide if a heat brush is right for you, and which one is the right one!

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