Nano Ring Hair Extensions Review – Can They Give Me Amazing Hair?

So maybe you’ve heard about micro ring hair extensions? Are you wondering what nano ring hair extensions are and whether they might be for you? This nano ring hair extensions review will hopefully answer your questions!

What are nano ring hair extensions?

Nano ring hair extensions are a tiny version of micro ring hair extensions. Both types of ring extension work in the same way. Either a metal or plastic binding tips each strand of artificial or human hair. A metal loop secures this binding to a strand of natural hair.

The difference with nano ring hair extensions is that the ring that secures the extension is much smaller than other rings. This means that they are 80 – 90% more discreet than micro rings.

What type of nano ring hair extensions are available?

There are many different types, styles and colours available now. The main options are:

  • Type – are they artificial hair or made from real human hair?
  • Colour – you can get a very wide range of natural colours, as well as more extreme colours for an edgy look!
  • Length – you might just want to thicken your own hair within its current length, or you may want much longer, swishy locks!
  • Style – you can usually style poker-straight extensions when you feel like it, depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines. Alternatively, you may like to match the kink or curl in your own hair.

Are they suitable for my fine hair?

Nano ring hair extensions are so unobtrusive once in place, that they are suitable for even very fine hair. They also add far less weight to the natural hair strands than other types of ring extensions. This means that they will be less damaging, especially if your hair is fine.

Well-applied nano ring hair extensions should be pretty invisible, even when your hair is tied up.

What are nano rings like?

Nano rings, like micro rings, come in many different colours. This makes it even easier to ensure they can’t be seen, as you can match them closely to the colour of your own hair.

Again, like micro rings, you can squeeze them shut with pliers as they are made of metal. They will then grip the strand of natural hair and the extension together.

Many of them come with a silicon lining on the inside. This means that they grip on better to the extension and the natural hair, and reduce the chance of damage.

Will I feel them once they’re in place?

Because the rings that secure the extensions in place are so very tiny, you shouldn’t be able to feel them easily. You may feel them very slightly when you’re lying down in the first couple of days or so after they have been applied. This will be purely because you’re not used to them, but after that you should be able to totally forget they’re there almost all of the time.

The extensions come with either metal or plastic tips. Which type you go for is purely personal choice. Metal-tipped ones may be less prone to slippage as the nano rings will be able to grip the extension tip more securely.

Plastic-tipped ones may be a better choice if you think that you might suffer any sort of reaction from the tips coming into contact with your scalp. This doesn’t always happen, especially if they have been applied well, but this may be a consideration.

How are they applied?

The application process is quite time-consuming and it may be advisable to get a professional to put them in place for you unless you’re only having a few put in. Here’s a video which shows you the application process up-front.

How long do they last and how do I look after them?

Like other types of ring extensions, nano ring hair extensions will last for a number of months, assuming that you look after them well. Because the rings are so small, they are more likely to slip than other types of ring extensions. This means you may need to maintain them more frequently.

A key factor in how long they last, as with all types of hair extensions, is the quality of the hair used to make them. It is widely accepted that 100% Remy human hair, often Indian, is the best quality type of hair extension, but this will probably be reflected in the price.

To maintain the condition of the extensions for longer, you should wish and detangle them carefully and style them cautiously. Ideally you should braid or tie up your hair when you’re sleeping or playing sports etc. This will avoid unnecessary strain or tangling. Most importantly, follow the manufacturer’s instructions!

Here is a review from someone who has had their extensions for a little while..


What are the main points in this nano ring hair extensions review?

You should probably consider these pros and cons when deciding whether to go for nano ring hair extensions.


  • Very discreet, even in hair tied up or styled
  • Wide range of styles, lengths and colours available
  • Less damaging to your natural hair than many other types of extension


  • Lengthy application process
  • You might need to maintain them more often than other types of ring extension
  • Tricky to apply so may need the services of a professional for application and maintenance

So hopefully, now you’ve read this nano ring hair extensions review, you can definitely decide whether nano ring hair extensions are for you! You can buy nano rings, nano ring hair extensions and tools from Amazon.



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