How Long Do Hd Brows Last And Could They Be Right For Me?

One of the latest interests in the world of beauty is creating flawless, lush and defined eyebrows. Many female celebrities at the forefront of today’s fashion and image trends know that a well-groomed set of eyebrows enhances a face like nothing else and are turning to HD Brows, but how long do HD Brows last?

Unfortunately, many of us have natural eyebrows that just don’t look the part. Too sparse, too bushy, too light, uneven – whatever the problem, HD Brows might be the answer. This article aims to answer some key questions.

What are HD Brows?

HD Brows were launched in 2008 by the company now known as the High Definition Beauty Group, who have sinced branched out into different cosmetics and services.

HD Brows refers to a procedure made up of a number of steps, carried out by a brow technician, to enable you to achieve the perfect set of eyebrows.

There are also a number of products available for you to purchase so that you can achieve the look yourself once you know how it’s done.

What’s involved in the HD Brows treatment?

If you opt for the proper salon-based HD Brows treatment, there are several steps to achieving the look.

Firstly, you will be sent or given a patch test to carry out at home. This is very similar to the sort of patch test you are asked to do when you have your hair coloured, and it’s to ensure that you have no sensitivity or allergy to the dye that will be used during the process. It’s easy and painless and very worthwhile doing if you want to avoid any nasty surprises!

The seven HD steps

1. Consultation

If your patch test shows that you’re ok to use the dye, the first step when you’re in the salon will be to discuss what you want to achieve with the technician, who will then map out the desired shape of your brows.

2. Tinting

The hairs of your eyebrows and the surrounding area will then be dyed. The surrounding area is done too to ensure that fine fluffy hairs show up, either so that they can be easily seen to be removed, or so that they give fullness to the parts of your brows that will remain in the final shape.


The technician will then use:

3. Waxing

4. Threading

5. Tweezing

These three methods of hair removal will ensure that your brows become the perfect, symmetrical shape. If done properly, none of these methods should be painful.

6. Trimming

Any long hairs will be trimmed to keep them inside the new brow line. And lastly;

7. Shading and pencilling

This will add further definition to your brows and fill in any sparse patches.

Here’s a video of the process being done so you can see each stage.

 How long do HD brows last?

The shading and pencilling will only last until you cleanse your brows. HD Brows make a tailored cleanser for ensuring all make-up is gently but effectively removed.

The tinting will last for an average of 4 weeks, but this depends on your particular brows, in terms of how fast the grow and the colour they are naturally.

The reshaping of the brows using the other steps of the process is an ongoing change. Many brow technicians will recommend that you return for a number of repeat sessions, with the intention of making a more lasting change to the shape of your brows by gently but repeatedly encouraging growth in the right places. 

If you want to channel your inner Cara Delevigne, sporting consistently well-groomed HD brows, then your best choice may be to schedule a handful of HD brow sessions with a salon and purchase some useful products to help you maintain the look at home in between.

How can I achieve the look myself?

There are a number of products available to support your HD Brows treatment that will help you maintain that sharp, groomed look easily yourself, and make the effects of your treatments last longer. Or if you don’t want to go for a full treatment, you can enhance the look of your natural brows yourself by trying some of these:

For shading, try one of the palettes of colour. 






There are a number of pencils available to help you to fill in sparse areas of your brows. 





There are products to keep your brows in place once they’re been groomed to perfection. 






And if you don’t have a lot to work with, there is a product that can help your brows to grow fuller to enable you to get that perfect shape. 

Many other products are available, including tinted colour fix, wax, Browtec pencils, and tools such as tweezers, scissors and brushes.

So how can HD Brows help me?

In summary, HD Brows can be a great choice of treatment for you if you think that your eyebrows are too:

  • Sparse or patchy, possibly because you have over-plucked them in the past;
  • Fine, or thin;
  • Uneven;
  • Light in colour;
  • Straggly or unkempt.

Well-shaped and tended eyebrows add instant definition to your face, draw attention to your eyes and generally give you a more groomed appearance.

I hope this review has helped you to decide whether or not HD Brows are for you, and answered some key questions such as what’s involved in the HD Brows treatment and how long do HD Brows last.

For HD Brow products to help you achieve or maintain the look at home, check prices on Amazon now.


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